What kind of sewing machine is this?
Its high speed industrial wig sewing machine a popular brand but the machine name is not on there due to customers wanting to customize there Machine with there brand name.

What all comes with the industrial sewing machine?
The complete set which include the sewing machine & table & energy saving motor.

What kind of outlet plug is the industrial sewing machine?
T12 american plug and voltage 110v.

Whats the industrial sewing machine speed ?
2200 max speed spm.

Does a manual comes with the industrial sewing machine?

Does the industrial sewing machines comes with a warranty?

What is the stitch formation?
Lock stitch

Whats sewing thickness?

Whats the overall dimensions?

What kind of needle?
A single needle

Whats the power?

What's the stitch length?

What is the place of orgin?
Zhejiang, china

Whats the feed mechanism?

Whats the mechanical configuration?

Does machine comes with a warranty?
Yes 1 year warranty & lifetime technical support.

Do you want anything specific or any ideas for the website ?
Easy to operate

Customize your industrial sewing machine with your brand name
Take your brand to the next level.
Making wigs can become time consuming by hand or using a domestic sewing machine so why settle for a domestic sewing machine when you can level up with a brand new high speed excellent quality industrial wig sewing machine.